At its core we are storytellers. Whether you’re a business, an organization or even a regular ole Joe; everyone’s got a story to tell.

And Serendipity Communications would like to tell your story through the art of Video Production.  Using our tried and true tools - be it advertising, marketing or public relations  --  we collaborate with our clients to ensure that stories are told with maximum impact.

Are you in the market for a partner that shares your passion, enthusiasm and determination? Are you looking for a preferred vendor to provide polished, eye catching and compelling visual productions? If so, let's talk about what we will do to get your message heard.


Audio and Video Production



Public Relations

PR - Crisis Management


Serendipity Communications is based in America's Heartland. And we embody what's widely known as the Midwest work ethic: Hard work, dedication and perseverance.

We make sure that being clever, inventive and original flows evenly in the products and services we provide

Serendipity Communications’ Founder and Lead Consultant is Alicia Griffin. Alicia has worked in the communications field for nearly three decades.

She's left a lasting impression in various industries including politics, government, theater and journalism.

She's written speeches and scripts, she's produced videos and plays and she's maintained her connection to the community by assisting small business owners in achieving success.




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